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So I sit here and just think about the next few weeks and I’m taken a back by it all…

So tomorrow I travel to Lisbon to have a long weekend away with my parents, sister and brother in law for a bit of a celebration of me fishing school and the below…

Then on Wednesday I travel to East Sussex to start work on the Thursday morning, meeting my colleagues joining at the same level as me.

On the Saturday a group of us are hitting the town which will be my last night out before I move out.

The Monday till Wednesday is when I need to pack everything up and prepare for work and sort out the technical aspects of moving house along with buy everything!

On the Thursday then another night away with work this time meeting all the grads for my main induction!

Saturday leave gone and I genuinely mean to actually leave and move out with someone I barely know that I’ve only met twice!

Monday this weeks just office induction but my first day in my new office at my new company! New career!

The weeks after this are a real mush of college learning what I need to do for my job and office time before being let out into client sites in October!

It’s fair to say I’m a little scared… I say scared, I say little I mean majorly petrified! I’m excited but it’s weird this has just set in and last time I saw it as a whole well it was all so different. I thought I’d still be with her and well I guess I still feel like I’m missing part of me not having her… But this is about moving forward right!?

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